The more I can feel happy, the more the day will be a good day.

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

Happy things happened to me yesterday. I found out that the more thing there are that I can feel happy, the more the day will be a good day.

I've been writing on instagram that the souvenir shop has everyday except for days I'm off 
Yesterday I saw a happy comment saying that I see your post everyday, and will visit your shop sometime. I got really happy after reading it. I realized that we had many people seeing our instagram.
There is another follower who loves totoro and Mt.Fuji so she always responds to post with them. To show your interests to something makes people happy, I realized that too. So I decided to leave comments or respond assertively instead of waiting for others doing that.

And also, in a English online lesson yesterday, a teacher became a first fan of this website! It's been a while since our last lesson. I told him that I started my own website, then he asked me for it. I was very happy because I didn't have any fans yet. There was no connections and personal repuwith this website to me but I started it in the situation.
That's why there are no access to my website everyday. Though I put a link of it on my instagram account, it's same. I'm not popular yet. I have a long ways to go! Actually I started to lose my motivation for writing recently. But now I have a fan. I can become motivated again just with it.

After his lessons, I rushed to my husband to tell that! I hope I'll do the same thing to another.

And, I'll start to write in both English and Japanese from today. I hope my website will help someone with learning Japanese and English. Usually I first write in Japanese then translate into English. so I'll put in actual it.

I'll do my best from now on!!

Angel road. The local call this sand road like that.










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