The exterior may show what class the restaurant is.

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

The grocery store near my house took two days off, so I went to eat out last night. And it was two days in a row!
We decided to go a restaurant called Kisoji, my husband has never been to.
I've been to Kisoji a few times and I know it's a chain restaurant. That's why I thought Kisoji is just a normal restaurant.

However getting to it, we saw the exterior was gorgeous.
He told me it might be high-class restaurant.
But I wonder it was like this when I visited Kisoji before.

On getting into the entrance, we were surprised how gorgeous they are even inside.
Staffs were all in kimono! 
On the other hand, we both put on jeans and sandals. Too casual!
We thought we didn't suite to the atmosphere!

In addition, there were only Kaiseki dishes in menu.
It meant we couldn't order each food we like.
Oh my god!
I found menu were different between lunch and dinner as it was lunch time I visited Kisoji before.

Kaiseki dishes was so delicious. I got full at once.

I thought it's good to have Kaiseki dishes sometime.



988, 989, 990.... it's almost 1000th steps!
A scene of walking down stone steps.

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