The diary of yesterday

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

It's two days weekends this week! Sometimes I need to work even on Saturday and it happens two or three a month. So I'm so happy to have two days weekends.

I went for a walk for hours during the time of high temperature.
I didn't like to sweat. It doesn't feel good, right? I get sweaty easily by nature so I'm always sticky.

But now, I'm starting to like sweating. I begin to think I'll take a shower after sweating. It's so cool.

Last night, I joined a talk show took place on ZOOM.
MC is Japanese and lives in Kenya. The guest yesterday is also Japanese and lives in Rwanda.
I appreciate the technology that we can talk from anywhere.
The guest gave a talk about her life. How was her childhood, why did she interested in Rwanda.. and more.

I like to listen to other's life especially the opposite to my life like working overseas, traveling all the time.. and more. It always leads to open my world. 

Since I started to listen to it, I also began to recall my childhood imagining I give a talk about myself.
My memory of junior high school is so bad. I had bullies from club members.
That make me sad even now. If I am there for myself of at that time, I'll hug and tell myself that you don't need to put up with it.

In Japan, to stand seem to be important even now, but I don't think so.
I hope people will change it by themselves because you can live only once.


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