Studying abroad online.

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

During the trial of studying abroad online, I learned the importance of intonation when telling others something. It's the same as Japanese. It sounds very different when you say "ありがとう" in high pitch or low pitch.

But especially what I think is the best lesson from the class was the answer to the question : You should be careful of intonation especially in school and at work. Why?

Actually I couldn't come up with anything. But another member answered : Maybe it's because you would probably lose your job or company for miscommunication between you and others.
I completely understood. Also I think "Am I OK as I can't answer like this?" haha

Then the teacher put us into pair and we practice to guess what other's feeling is by listening to pitch. We guess others may be sad, happy, upset or angry from pitch.
In my case, I was new to the class and only have five days to learn with other members, so I might as well do that exaggeratedly to make fun. And that made the atmosphere between us warm. The other member was enjoying too. I got the feeling I could make friends with her.

But there is a thing that I didn't expect. That is, we don't have time to chat in private before or after lesson.

We connect to ZOOM as the lesson time comes and disconnect at the lesson ends.
I think when and how we communicate with other members except for lessons. I think maybe it's one of the fun things of studying abroad, chatting and spending time with friends after or before class. But in this trial program I can't do that. I know it's online but I felt a little sad.

Besides, I think what I learned from studying abroad, now it's online, is just like a Japanese as school subject in Japan. It's more like you are learning literature in Japanese language school. I think many people don't think that while communicating. If you learn it, it'll become part of you, but you can also communicate and have conversation without leaning it. 
So I think we should think carefully what the meaning of studying abroad is to us.


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