No one knows what change you.

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

Yesterday was.. yes, dance day! It's been one week since last dance lesson. I feel time really flies. I found out the reason why participants increased in a lesson I take recently. I heard instructor quit all the lessons at the other dance schools. He gives a lesson only at the dance school I currently go. That is why participants who took at the other schools and want to continue to take his lesson started coming to it. I'm impressed how popular the instructor is! I realized I've been able to take a super popular instructor's lesson now.

By the way, I had the leftovers of hotpot yesterday for dinner. I added some vegetables, pork and suiton! Do you know what suiton is? (I'm not sure if suiton has English name.) Suiton is like dumpling. It's made from flour, water and salt. The soup with dumplings was so tasty. My husband made it for us. He didn't use to make meals until getting married me. But now, he made dumplings for us while I was out for dance. I'm surprised people could really change with things.

After dinner, we discussed basic income that the government is talking into that I feel this is different from the original idea of basic income. Then I went to bed. I definitely feel I can sleep very well on the day of dancing.


 View from the inside toward the entrance of Osorezen.





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