My favorite way of making takikomigohan

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

Yesterday I felt like eating takikomigohan, then I made it last night.
Takikomigohan is one of Japanese cuisine, I think. Some vegetables like sliced carrots, mushrooms, konjac that is something hard made from Konnnayku yam and thin fried tofu are in the brown rice seasoned with soy source.
In my case, I don't use soy source for seasoning rice when I cook it. I use the soup coming from boiled vegetables with soy source. It's more tasty than rice with soy source.

Recently I'm trying to have other foods instead of rice because of diet.
But I realized that rice is the best, after all. I love natto but I can't eat it without rice.

I like takikomigohan that I said above so I'll make it again soon.
My way of making it needs the soup for cooking rice, so it takes a little long time.
It's OK not to use the soup. You can cook rice with soy source, of course it's no problem.
But cooking rice with the soup is much more tasty than it.

By the way, I sent a present to a Mexican friend of mine last week.
I feel like I made a mistake when sending it, but I hope the present will reach her safe, and that won't require some extra fee to her.
It has been over a week already since I sent it out. Is it almost done?
I hope she'll be happy with CoCoIchi curry pouch that she liked in Japan.



Take a look at that! What is it?
A scene of walking on the mountain.

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