Look at and build up a little success.

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

After I finished writing my travel log, I run out of ideas to write in English. There's only "DIARY" left as I practice English writing.

By the way, it's been over a month since I started exercise.

I've lost two kilograms compared to the first day. But I thought I was only be able to lost 2kg in one month, despite the fact I had been under diet control. I only had limited foods. I kept it even when I went for a drink. However I only lost 2kg. I was a little shocked. Actually sometimes I thought my body became thinner when I saw myself in mirror. But there was no more or less.

I took out a two month course, so there is only one month left. I was worried about my body that has not changed a lot. In a middle counselling I asked my trainer if I've improved before I knew it.

He answered in a strong voice, "Yes, you have." But I couldn't believe him with all my heart. Then I asked him back "really?" ... I thought. I can't remember exactly what I said back.
He noticed I was worried and gave me confidence with his advice. I can't remember what he told me now, but during that I thought about another thing that I do everyday too and didn't go well. His advice covered both my exercise and another, so I was about to cry. Maybe I can remember what I felt by his telling rather than what he told me.

Anyway it was true that I was cheered up by him so I said to him thank you later.

Then I got an message from him. It said, in a word, that you don't have to worry. Process is more important than result. Let's try to build up success little by little.

Describing myself, I usually live following my intuition and feelings so I think I can notice easily even a little thing.

So in exercise, I felt "I could keep my balance longer.", "The barbell feels heavier compared to before." or "I feel like muscle pain is going away quicker". I could feel something good like that.

Do you remember I told you there's another thing I do everyday? It's English learning. I do almost everyday. But there are some days I can't speak English well online English lessons and I'm disappointed at such myself. It looks like I

But in some lessons I was able to use new words or expressions. I noticed that myself too.

I know people are progressing with little success like that, but I didn't feel so because they were too small successes.

But the message from my trainer reminded me of what my boss said on the last day of six-month training in my first year of working.

"Great job, everyone. If there is old you six month ago next to you, you can give him some advice through the training, right? I'm sure you have been coming along so just have a confidence on yourself."

What if I am next to me who is just starting exercise then? What if I am next to me who is just starting English learning then? How many thing I can tell her?

Thinking like this, I finally accepted how much progress I've made so far. You don't need to be too proud of myself now if comparing to old you, and I think you can more likely feel your growth with even a little thing.

We tend to compare myself with others, your ideal or your goal. But if you become upset doing that, just stop doing and looking back. Imagine what if the old you are next to you now, and you are sure to feel much progress. It is the old you that you should compare with, not others and even not future self.


A picture of a guy, my friend, and students at a def school in Malawi.
Children are all adrable.






















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