Life is change.

In the song "futari sezon" from Keyakizaka 46,  I really like the part of the lyric "Life is Change". The man who wrote it is Mr.Yasushi Akimoto and he produces a lot of lyrics. His lyric makes me notice even a little thing in a daily life and what the important thing is. Usually I start to like songs by melody, not lyrics. I think there are several patterns how to start to like the song. Only melody, only lyric or both melody and lyric. For me, by only melody or both melody and lyric.

By the way I really love his lyrics so I'll write about it with my all passion someday.

Back to the story.

I recently saw a thing to realize that. I applied for a personal gym the day before yesterday. The program starts next week. However I can't stop being so excited that I tried to quit having meal for lunch and exercise a little with the machine at my house.

My routine hasn't changed a lot since CODIV-19 is getting bigger. I stop going out except for special things. There was no big change. I thought that nothing could beat it. That's true that accepting a big change is getting hard for me.

But two factor changed that. First, watching a TV show bachelorette. She is very tall, over 170cm, and fit. Second, I found a personal gym very close to my house. These two factor made me make a decision to apply. As it starts new routine will be made. I'm so excited. As I got the feeling that my future would become better the lyric came to mind. I'm convinced. The older I become The more I don't start something. I tend to take an normal life I already know rather than a future I don't know yet. But it isn't exciting, right?

Anyway I'm really looking forward to exercising at the gym. It's awesome I can walk there within 30 steps. I'll do my best.


Futari sezon - Keyakizaka 46 










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