Just the way you are.

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

This time I have some big news to tell here. My picture I posted to a photo contest is nominated! Among nominated pictures, the most beautiful four pictures will be chosen as winners. For me, the fact that my picture is nominated is just grateful.

It was last month I came across a photo contest that would lead to the contest where my picture was nominated.

Looking at instagram, I came across a advertisement of a photo contest. Just then I felt it looked like fun, then I decided to join.

Since then, I was getting interested in other photo contests. I looked them up online and found another great nature-themed photo contest that Narita Airport held on instragram. Any picture taken in the world is okay. No limitation when is that taken.

I only posted my favorite photos to the Narita Airport photo contest.
The picture of a baobab tree when I saw in a small town Mua in Malawi is one of them.
I posted it as usual. But to my surprise, first I got a lot of "Liked" on the picture on instagram. What's more, the picture was chosen on an account that choose one beautiful picture a day everyday on it.
This is my first time ever that my picture is chosen somewhere. I even thought it's ok my picture won't be chosen in the Narita Airport's photo contest, the aim is to win the contest though.

But that doesn't stop here.

The picture of a baobab tree was nominated on the Narita Airport's photo contest as well.
I had a quite big surprise. I had thought another picture would be chosen.

At first there were not really many photos posted for the contest so I was sure I would probably win. But as time passed lots of that beautiful pictures started to be posted. Those could be all seen on postcard, calendar or travel brochure. They were all this beautiful at that. I thought I was impossible to win. I knew it's not win or lose, but I thought so to be honest.

But my picture was picked out from hundreds of pictures, that were all beautiful.
Is that because it was taken in Malawi where is not really popular as tourist destination? It's my favorite picture and I wrote enough memory about that on post. I'm not sure why.

But that is true that the picture is nominated.

That makes me think "Just the way I am".
I just take pictures when I think that is good. And post without any edit. Then that is nominated. I feel like those my style was admitted by others, as there are more other beautiful pictures than mine.

My style may be opposite to today's trend. But I haven't changed my mind. I knew it might be difficult for world to accept it. But somewhere in myself I may have wanted to be admitted with my style.

As the picture is nominated I appreciate Ueda san who showed me around a town Mua, and Ayano chan who introduced me to Ueda san. Also I hope this will be a good chance for everyone to know Malawi.

I also thought that I should be more assertive. I had only posted on instagram and waited for someone to ask me. But I should end it and do actively.
The number one priority right now is to get people to look at my picture.
I've learned lessons a lot from joining the photo contest.


Four years ago. I was slimmer, whiter and younger! Have I changed since then?







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