Just eating ramen, but..

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

Yesterday my friend asked me to eat out for ramen in the morning.
I said "I'll make it at 7:00 p.m."
She said "I'll be leaving company at 7:00 p.m."
We agreed each other.

I know where her company is, so I expected what time she would show up when she did at 7:00 p.m. Then I got off one station before the stop then walked there for the meeting time. I texted her as soon as I arrived, but I didn't get any replies for an hour after I made it.

I started to think it might be better to go home if she was late longer, and texted her that. Suddenly she called me and said she was almost there. But at the same time I ordered ramen already at a ramen shop we were going to.

In the end I said "let's get together again sometime" and went home without seeing her. But after I was home I kept thinking about if it was the right choice.

I guess she might think she kept me waiting for ONLY an hour. But it needed me to be tough. I needed to be waiting for her without any notice from her just for an hour passed from the meeting time. If I got any messages, I could spend times going into a cafe and reading books.

You may say "You should have gone into anywhere like cafe or other restaurants instead of waiting." But I want to be relax once I go into them. I wanted to avoid I would leave there as soon as I got messages. 
I understand the situation that as you are leaving the company you get asked by others. I know it can't be helped. But if you even send a message for the other you keep waiting, their time will be saved. They can use those time effectively. It isn't that you can't but you do.

From this episode, I decided I would never forget I might take the other's time by my act.

By the way I'll tell you why I decided to go home. Because it was just eating ramen together why we met. If it was a drinking party, I would wait until she got there. Eating ramen only takes within 15 minutes, right? So I thought I spent too much time doing nothing just for eating ramen.



Walking up this small hill!






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