Just a little thing makes you much better or worse.

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

Actually I hadn't been dancing for about one month. There were some reasons why I stopped. And I thought I would never go back again at first.

Last week I got an message from my friend of the dance school I used to go. She is older than me, and she is one of the adult members in the HOUSE beginner class I took. 

"I haven't seen you in one month. How are you doing? The owner of the dance school is also worried about you, so I text you." She said in text.

I was surprised. To be honest, I thought club activities like this welcomes whoever wants to join and never get back whoever wants to leave. I mean, the relationship among members and owners is poor in activities, I thought. Especially even I am an adult! But the dance class changed my solid about it.  I realized that it's a wonderful thing to have anyone who cares about me.

I looked at lesson movies again that I quit when I stopped going to the school. And I started feeling like dancing again.

Yesterday, I took a dance lesson for the first time in a month. My dance was so terrible. I felt sad. I felt I was a failure. I didn't feel like taking dance lessons anymore during the lesson.

However my friend cheered me. If I stop now, I will never go forward. The only thing the normal people like me should do is just keep at it. 

I'll take another lesson next week too. I'll never give up.


Stay positive!









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