I'll make my friend's wedding party unforgettable one.

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

It's such a nice day in Tokyo today, very different from yesterday's weather of pouring. Nothing beats sunny day!

One of my friends's wedding party take place this Saturday. However he isn't going to have a small party after wedding party that are usually held, and no performance during it.
That's why I decided to present a short video with messages from participants for groom and bride.
I'm so excited about making it already and I'm definitely most excited about his wedding party in all the participants.

My goal is to make one that the staff doesn't make.
Now I'm thinking about what scene I need in a video.

I hope they'll be happy with it. I have confidence to make well, but I don't know where this confidence comes from. haha



I heard that Shiiba village in Miyazaki prefecture where the picture was taken has been damaged by a big typhoon coming yesterday. I hope no one was injured and this view are saved.

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