I'd rather work only four days!

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

Yesterday I worked even on Saturday. My job requires to work on Saturday once or twice a month.
But it's actually hard work for me. I'd rather work only four days in a week. 

People from Spain who are working in Japan now came to my shop and we had a wonderful conversation. I told I've been to Spain on Workaway service and they do in Japan too!
It's making you happy when you found something in common with customers, isn't it?

I don't use it recently, but the annual fees is charged regardless of how many you used.
I want to travel overseas for an entire month again with Workaway.

As they were leaving with fun, I was happy too.

But I wonder which language Japanese or English I should use when talking to foreigners at my shop.
I think what they'll think if I talk in English first. Because we're in Japan.

Am I too worried? 


I'd like to bloom.
A scene of sun flower festival.

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