A lesson from Mizuhiki.

Yesterday I made Mizuhiki decoration at work for chopsticks set that are given to customer who buy something online, but I've felt my ideas of color choice is running out. We mainly use Mizuhiki for wrapping service at our souvenir shop, so when making it for something else I will use colors that aren't used so much. However, the finished one ended up being kind of similar each other. I've been stuck.

But yesterday, I tried to get over it. First, I got rid of a rule "using color that is not used so much" and decided to use all colors we have. Then to solve the problem of ideas for color choice I tried to take it from products at our shop. In other words, I would try to represent products with Mizuhiki. For example, in the case of a kokeshi doll I picked out, her body is light blue and she has a orange colored hair accessary on her hair so I made a Mizuhiki decoration with light blue and orange color.

As a result of that I could discovered some good color variations that I never thought of. It was a good try. I realized that package's color of product are considered seriously of course, due to selling well. I enjoyed it and will do again next time.

I thought that to make people think of things like companies or products just by its color is very strong. I can't exactly say what it is strong for. But the fact that people can quickly connect colors and those means that those are very familiar with people, right? In my case if I see red and yellow I think of MacDonald. (If something else, just leave comment what you think of.) And light blue, green and pink is "View card" which is a credit card in Japan.

Look of the finished Mizuhiki become different just by order and choice of color. That is why Mizuhiki is interesting. I thought like that yesterday.


Mizuhiki decoration I made.








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