I wonder when I started being shy.

My friend's wedding party finished on Saturday. Even I was worried the day before and called a guy who is one of my best friends since collage and told what I worried. That was that I need to ask all the participants for corporation just for my purpose to make a short video for groom and bride.
My mind went blank when I first ask the friends of them who were in charge of reception. It's been a while since I got so nervous. Maybe I might have gotten shy.

Speaking of their wedding ceremony, it was such a wonderful one. I could feel that groom and bride were loved by everyone.
I think it's been a while since I felt so when participating in wedding ceremony. I guess it's probably because I intended to take groom and bride's smile with their friends for a video. I'm sure that's it!!

By the way speaking of a video, I'm positive that I can make a good one. But now I'm running into a few problems about getting rid of noise of a video.
I didn't use a microphone to record comments, and it makes that a bit difficult.
But I'll do my best. I'll make a different one that the staff usually make.

I hope the groom and bride will come along forever like this road to sky.


緊張していた理由は、「I'll make my friend's wedding unforgettable」を見てー!



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