I can beat cockroach. But it can disappear soon.

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

It was not really hot today. But... I saw a cockroach this morning....
However, I don't get more surprised so much seeing it than before.
Because I have feet!! I can step on it anytime and definitely beat it.
(Today I tried but it disappeared right away.)

Today I got angry at my boss's rough order for creating new EC site.
For me, I look over my request before I ask someone.
But he just sent a link about how facebook and instagram come along with.
Hey, aren't there more request like what products is prior to sell, or if the EC site is for Japanese or not.
That was so rough that I suddenly got down.

I looked it up during rest of a task, I found out that it requires some rules on product pictures. They are strict for our shop. So it could be difficult.

I expected to ask me to research what platform is the best as a first step.
But he is always rough even though he is president.

When I got angry I texted to my husband to release my stress.

However, my heart changed better in the end.
That's because of a book I'm reading now.
Then I started regretting I got angry even a little.

But I think, it's part of my life, right?

I hope I never see a cockroach again tomorrow.


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