Happy New Year and something new.

Hi, I'm Haruyo and happy new year!

It's 1/7 already so I was too late for greeting.
Anyway during new year's I started one of something new and I'm in the middle of getting used to new routine.
That is one week free trial of studying abroad online. I came across it on instagram and then applied with the light feeling because it's free.

On the first day I was so nervous that I sat in front of my PC right after dinner and waited for 40 minutes for the lesson. That would work online so I didn't feel it was study abroad. It felt like I would take class only with my teacher, in other words, only two members me and teacher.

But, of course it's not. The other members were all Korean.
Usually I take DMM English conversation lesson online every day and teachers I take class with are almost from Europe or Africa, not Asia. So that was so fresh for me to learn with Korean.

In yesterday's pair activity I was with a Korean member and talked a little. She was so kind and friendly. She first talked to me. I was happy. She asked me what time it is now in Japan and I asked her back. To my surprise, there is no time differences between Japan and Korea. I thought we're an hour different. Later I looked up and found it is Taiwan with an hour of time differences.

Besides, I made a terrible mistake in the same class too. In the group activity of three members, we gave some speech to each other. I tried to ask the others a question. But because of my poor English, maybe I made one of them angry.. sounded like so. I still have a ways to go..

I only have three classes up so I'll be more assertive.


 Walking to the bus stop for Geto ski resort in Iwate prefecture.



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