Happy New Year and something new.

Hi, I'm Haruyo and happy new year!

It's 1/7 already so I was too late for greeting.
Anyway during new year's I started one of something new and I'm in the middle of getting used to new routine.
That is one week free trial of studying abroad online. I came across it on instagram and then applied with the light feeling because it's free.

On the first day I was so nervous that I sat in front of my PC right after dinner and waited for 40 minutes for the lesson. That would work online so I didn't feel it was study abroad. It felt like I would take class only with my teacher, in other words, only two members me and teacher.

But, of course it's not. The other members were all Korean.
Usually I take DMM English conversation lesson online every day and teachers I take class with are almost from Europe or Africa, not Asia. So that was so fresh for me to learn with Korean.

In yesterday's pair activity I was with a Korean member and talked a little. She was so kind and friendly. She first talked to me. I was happy. She asked me what time it is now in Japan and I asked her back. To my surprise, there is no time differences between Japan and Korea. I thought we're an hour different. Later I looked up and found it is Taiwan with an hour of time differences.

Besides, I made a terrible mistake in the same class too. In the group activity of three members, we gave some speech to each other. I tried to ask the others a question. But because of my poor English, maybe I made one of them angry.. sounded like so. I still have a ways to go..

I only have three classes up so I'll be more assertive.


 Walking to the bus stop for Geto ski resort in Iwate prefecture.



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  • -I started one of something new and I’m in the middle of getting used to new routine. “I started on something new and I’m in the middle of getting used to the new routine.”
    -with the light feeling because it’s free. “with a light feeling because it’s free.” [Since it’s not a specific kind of light feeling]
    -That would work online so I didn’t feel it was study abroad. “The fact that I would work online made me feel like I wasn’t studying abroad”
    -me and teacher. “me and the teacher.”/" the teacher and I."
    -to learn with Korean. “to learn with Koreans.”
    -and talked a little. "and we talked a little. "
    -She asked me what time it is now in Japan and I asked her back. [Remember when quoting exactly what someone said, you put their word in inverted commas i.e “…”]
    -an hour of time differences. “an hour of time difference.” [The noun time difference is singular]
    -we gave some speech to … “we gave some speeches to” [some is for plurals]
    -I still have a ways to go. “I still have a long way to go..”

    I’m proud of you for being brave enough to further your English studies especially in a new environment with other foreign students. With your friendly look, I can’t imagine why someone would be offended by what you said. I hope they realized that you made a mistake since you are a learner too or your tutor managed to fix the misunderstanding. Take care and keep up the great work Haruyo San.


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