Hanzawa Naoki, a super popular drama in Japan now.

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

Every Sunday, I'm excited about a drama called Hanzawa Naoki.
I hadn't seen TV shows for years but the drama can be seen only on TV so I always come in front of TV by 9 o'clock the drama starts.

The drama is about a banker Hanzawa Naoki who are trying to beat and reveal something bad that the bank did.
Today's story really made me angry. A banker did his work for his boss. Not for a customer.
In the end, he was beaten by Hanzawa Naoki.
It's cool to see people beaten who are so greed for money, fame and power.
A tape recorder was used in the scene of talk between a customer and him to reveal his crime. I think carrying a tape recorder might become popular. Don't you think so?

I guess the drama is going to end soon, but I don't want it to end!!


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