Getting used to things is a good thing or not?

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

Since the week controlling diet begun, I have to drink protein twice a day, right after waking up and right before going to bed. But protein tastes so bad for me, I'm having trouble drinking the beginning.

I hate milk. I was able to drink the one just served at school but I couldn't for milk sold at supermarket. That means I haven't had milk for about 13 years! On the contrary I've never drunk protein and I didn't know what taste it is. I chose the one that I thought maybe I would be able to drink. It is blueberry taste. In spite of that I can't drink it in good. I'll be feeling down thinking about drinking it.

Normally I have to drink protein four times a day, after waking up, at breakfast, after training and before going to bed. But luckily I do a training in the morning and as my interval between wake-up time, training and breakfast is very short, I'm arrowed to drink it twice a day, at wake-up time and sleeping time. That's a relief.

In a word protein is made of milk. So even if you choose the one with some flavor, still it tastes a little milky. I hate it anyway. I wonder how many times I couldn't stop feeling vomiting.

So in order to drink in a good mood, I tried anything. To drink thinking about another thing, To have tea right after protein to refresh my mouth and to use too cold water to dissolve protein. As a result of that I'm getting used to protein actually.

Getting used to things is scary.

Also I'm having the most hardest muscle pain with my legs in my life at the moment since my first training last Monday. It's quite harder than I thought. To help my legs I use anywhere of my upper body. In a toilet, I first put my hands on the toilet seat then sit on with the power of my arms. Then my arms are getting hurt too.

In my case the muscle pain usually goes on for only one or two days. But this time, going on three days!! That would mean it's a quite big muscle pain and I'm so out of shape.

Anyway I hope the muscle pain disappear very soon. Tomorrow is my second training day. In training twice a week, I work out other parts each day, so it's not legs tomorrow.  But I'll definitely have the muscle pain in all my body. I'm a little nervous just from now but I'll do my best in training tomorrow.












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