Big news in Japan and dance lesson.

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

I work on Saturday sometime, I feel atmosphere is a bit different from weekdays. I guess it's probably because the whole city looks like it's a holiday.

Anyway, yesterday we had a big news in Japan that the current prime minister resigned. I told my friends as soon as I knew it, but only one responded to it. I was wondering many people aren't interested in politics.

And, I took a dance lesson as usual!
I was sweating quite a lot. I was very impressed by the other members dancing with masks. 
I was the only person in members who didn't wear masks during the lesson, and I was most sweated in members too. 
I scattered my sweat! It's amazing the members are dancing in a cool looking face.
The usual teacher was off so another teacher gave a lesson.
After the lesson, I felt dance moves had teacher's character. As it was a woman, so that looked a bit sexy! It opens my world of dance.

Thank to moving a lot, I could sleep very very well last night.
When I woke up this morning, I found my husband wasn't in a bed.
He ended up sleeping at another room, because I moved and hit him a lot while sleeping.
Sorry my husband, but it's usual, isn't it?



Well.. I've got to leave here.
A scene of walking for the bicycle.

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