At a fountain pen shop I found by chance.

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

Usually I use a mechanical pencil when I study. It's running out of leads so I was going to buy one during lunch time if there is a stationary shop around our shop. I looked up on google map and found that a stationary shop is close to our shop. It's by the road that I often walk, I wonder if it's there though.

I said "Hi" while entering and then the master came out. Then suddenly he started talking about fountain pens before I would asked something. According to what he said, he is a super famous expert person on fountain pens. Even foreigners visit his shop to buy ones he made or collected. In addition, people who love ones can know how great fountain pens at his shop are.

Oh my god! I just came to buy mechanical pencil leads... hehe.
I shouldn't have been there! I thought I would be able to buy ones at once but he started taking. However I had to keep time for having lunch, I didn't ask something back. I didn't expect that I would come in such a great shop. I don't  know anything at all about fountain pen! 

After I told him that I came here to look for leads, he gave me one free.
Is it free!? No way, I will pay! While I was surprised, he told me it used to be his friend's. His friend gave to him when a shopping center went out of business where his friend's shop was. Later I found out that the lead he gave me is from a super popular stationary company.

Actually I couldn't believe him completely when he talked to me. I looked up online after I was back. Of course he was a super famous person. The review left on the internet says "You should call him before you go since the shop close irregularly." ..Oh, I broke it!

I thanked him with all my heart to tell me about fountain pens who knows nothing about them. It was the world I don't know. I heard there is a fountain pen costs 15 million yen! Amazing...!

I was asked what fountain pens I often use. But my answer is.. "I use a ballpoint pen called jet stream rather than ones", it was true, but I was embarrassed saying that after I heard amazing story of him.

However, I'm looking forward to using the lead he gave me.

A fountain pen shop - Pen world KATAYAMA


This sight looks like a scene in a movie.










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