Watching a fitness competition.

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

I went to see a body contest last Sunday since my trainer attended. It was my first experience to see it.

I was really impressed by players of men and women over 40 ages. All the participants don't look over 40 ages. They look all younger. Before I watch this, I thought I didn't want to get older. (Of course it's impossible.) I considered getting older to be a negative thing. But their performance change my mind. I think that the more you exercise the younger you look. To attend contest also means to challenge. That make people look much more lively.

And I notice that I'm usually impressed by the elderly people who are challenging something.

I'm thinking why. And the answer is I have a stereotype for typical elderly people. When I see those in my city, I think I don't want to become like them. (I know it's bad but it's true.)

However,  the elderly people attending the competition are different. They are brighter and livelier. The age doesn't matter. You can start something new at any age. I think I can do too like them because even they can do. Also I'm still younger.

I think many people will eventually stop challenging as they become old. People are good at finding a reason why you won't do that. For example, there's no time.. it cost a lot.. it's hassle.. then finally you give up. In that case you will never open a new world. I don't want to be like this.. I thought. No matter how old I get I'll try everything I'm curious on, I think so after watching the contest.

Also, I was impressed by their attitude for challenging. In a part of men of all ages, most men are young. But there's only one elderly man. And there's a man who seems to attend this for the first time. I'm sure those people were worried to attend at first. When people try to join the contest like this for the first time, they would be worried. People would think I'm not enough yet to try. But Who I can see participated in the contest without fear like that. You don't know how many people are encouraged by their attitude. Also the audience including me is looking forward to seeing how they change better in the future. If there are only very well muscled people, maybe that will stop beginners from challenging.

When you think you want to try, just try. Just act. There is no need to worry about others. It's simple. Just follow your feelings.


Don't be afraid. Just look and move forward. There is no wall on you.









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