Looking for my mom's presents.

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

I went shopping to look for a present for my mom's birthday with my father yesterday. I asked my sisters but they didn't come. I wonder if they couldn't, or wouldn't. My sisters don't like my father, so they may have said "We can't" when they saw he was coming.
What are they going to do If I pass away first in my family! I hope they'll get along together even without me. 

Anyway, my mom wants red colored shoes for rainy day. We were looking all over for it in a department but we couldn't find it. They have shoes for rainy day but not red color. Mostly black or dark blown.
There was only a red colored shoes, but not for rainy day. It has enamel on the surface. The shoes is a little stronger against rain than normal shoes. I asked my mom if it is ok but she turned it down. I thought it was cutest I had ever seen yesterday.

I thought shoes even for hiking might have been good, so I went to the outdoor shop only to get my interest for hiking up.

From this week it's getting cooler, and it is perfect for hiking and walking. 
I got some brochure about them and can't wait to do it.


The view from small mountain at Osorezan.





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