A customer, dragon fly.

Hi, I'm Haruyo.

Yesterday there was no customer until 17:40, 20 minutes before close.
A dragonfly was just a customer coming into the shop.
But I was afraid of the sound of flying, so I wasn't able to welcome and do something appropriate as staff for it.
Another customer came to my shop at the last minutes to close. I realized it was appreciating just coming without buying anything.

And last night, I learned about Mozambique. The time was very productive. 
I joined a talk show online. The guest was a activist in Mozambique.
She told us about the history of Mozambique. I thought I had known about slave trades, age of discovery but found out what I knew was only the outline.
The past things have been leading now, even bad things during colonial era too.
It also means now will do too.

I like the way she talked. She doesn't talk in sounding good and reading between the lines. She talks straight with energy. She talks everything. That her attitude encourages me.

I was so satisfied with the study last night.
To learn something new is exciting.

I'll keep on learning like this from now on.



I can fly with birds!
A scene of running after seagulls.

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