Hi, I have a question for you. Are you hungry at the moment? If yes, I am afraid but this article will make you feel more hungry. I am going to talk about the local specialty of Toyama prefecture, located along Sea of Japan. I have introduced the prefecture here before in terms of the unforgettable mountain view. However, this time I will focus on its delicious foods! Toyama prefecture has Toyama bay that is famous for its depth and variety of fish. It is said to be the deepest bay in Japan. Thanks to its geography, there are many kinds of fish in Toyama bay. There are not only great seafood but other good sort of foods as well in the prefecture. I hope Toyama prefecture will be on your bucket list after you have read the article. By the way, Toyama prefecture has both sea and mountain. Since it is a small place, you can visit both of them in a few hours.

1. Seafood

There are many sushi restaurant in Toyama prefecture. Some restaurants are only available in the prefecture. During my trip to Toyama prefecture, I visited many sushi restaurants throughout the prefecture. Some place have their original sushi menu that you cannot enjoy anywhere else. Enjoy tasting different type of sushi at different place. Basically all the sushi at every place except for chain sushi restaurants have wasabi in it. If you are not a big fan of wasabi, order sushi without wasabi every time.

In particular, this seafood bowl from the restaurant named kitokito syokudo is amazing. A fisher man runs this restaurant. Their foods are all based on the fish that they’ve caught themselves. This kind of restaurant, run by a fisher man, used to designed for fisher men. Fisher men work very early in the morning, and the restaurant supported it with good meals. Even today, they are open from 5:00am-2:00pm. The custom has been going on.

2. White Shrimp Tempura Bowl

Speaking of the local specialty in Toyama, white shrimp tempura is super popular. Apparently white shrimp can be seen in the Sea of Japan, but it is only in Toyama bay where many white shrimp can be caught around the world. As its name, white shrimp is white color. There are various types of foods with white shrimp. This white shrimp tempura bowl is one of them. You will be surprised how good its texture is.

3. Black Ramen

You will never miss the black ramen too. As its name, the soup is really black. The color comes from its taste, soy sauce based soup. It goes back around 70 years ago. There was an air strike in Toyama prefecture back then. There were so many blue collar workers working hard, including many young people who were working to rebuild the destroyed city. For those, people started this rich soy sauce ramen for them to take in salt to stay hydrated. Taking in salt with soy sauce was considered effective back then. You may think it is salty. However it is not as salty as it looks. The noodle of the black ramen is another characteristic. It is thick and straight, not like the typical ramen noodle. The noodle is so thick and straight that the soup goes really well with it.

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