In deep mountains in Miyagi prefecture, there is an area with hot spring resorts. The name of the area is called Naruko hot spring resorts. Speaking of the word Naruko, some people may think of Naruko gorge. True, it is a famous place for its beautiful autumn leaves. But did you know that green season in Naruko area is also fantastic? I will show you another face of the area in this post.

There are several ways going to Naruko area. If you go to the area from Tokyo by car, it will take times. The place is located in the very northern part of the prefecture, so you should factor in this in a travel plan. After a long car driving, everything unpleasant you have had so far must disappear by this beautiful place with lots of greenery.

1. Naruko gorge

Naruko gorge is a symbol of Naruko area. In autumn season, many people come here to see the autumn leaves. But the place with the beautiful autumn leaves is also nice in summer season, don’t you think? Those pictures are a proof to it. The area is covered with forests, so the air is really nice. There is a small waterfall deep in the gorge and the sound of the waterfall running is really refreshing. Birds are singing, insects are enjoying themselves. You are part of the gorge. There is nothing quite like that. It seems like just by walking in the place, everything bad can be gone. There are some hiking courses around the gorge. Enjoy the gorge and find the best course for you. After enjoying hiking, take a break at visitor’s room. You can have from snacks to meals there.

2. Katanuma

Within 30 minutes from Naruko gorge, there is a place like a resort. Actually it is not a resort. It does not have a beach, but has a crystal clear blue color in the pond. This is the pond called Katanuma. Around 1500 years ago, there was a volcanic explosion and then Katanuma was made. The pond is so clear that it has different colors depending on the weather. If the sun just begins rising, it would be a bit darker than the one in this picture. When the sun is right above you and there are no clouds in the sky, it will be beautiful blue like the water in a beautiful beach. Since the sun and cloud are moving, you can never see the same view. They are all slightly different. Do not miss the best shot of the view that you like. Also you can rent a rowboat there. Relaxing and enjoying the moment in the place that the nature made.

There are many other places to see in Naruko area. Naruko area is also famous for kokeshi, Japanese traditional wooden dolls. You may see kokeshi everywhere in the place. Not only enjoying the place I introduced here but also enjoy the whole place of Naruko area.

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