The view of Amano-hashidate at the amano-hashidate view land

Do you know Amano-hashidate ?
It is one of the most three beautiful view of Japan.
Note: The other are Matsushima(Sendai, Miyagi) and Miyajima(Miyajima, Hiroshima)

It is the long beach located on the opposite of miyazu city and around 8000 natural pine trees grow on the beach.

Does the beach looks like a bridge to heaven ?
The name of Amano-hashidate come from that.
Note: Amano-hashidate in Chinese character is “天橋立”.
“天” means “heaven”, “橋” means “bridge” and “立” means “stand”

You can see the whole of Amano-hashidate at the Amano-hashidate view land.
If you go there, you need to buy a ticket for a cable car or a lift. (both reach the Amano-hashidate view land and the prices are same.)

When I visited there I used a lift because It was in 20 minutes that a cable car departed when I bought a ticket !

Because I couldn’t help seeing the view of the whole of Amano-hashidate I looked back to see that while I was going up by a lift. 🙂

Also you can experience “Kawarake-nage” at the view land.
Kawarake-nage refers to game throwing the sake cups made of clay through the ring.
Some one throw it with their wish and other one write their wish on it.
It is said your wish comes true if the sake cups thrown go through the ring.

The sake cups made of clayware. What written in the center is money and tie.
Throwing the sake cup for the center of the ring.

I tried it twice but I failed all the time. hehe.
It was more difficult than I thought because of the wind and the weight of the sake cups. The sake cups were very light !

There is Chionji temple near Amano-hashidate. The god of knowledge is worshiped there.

The entrance of Chionji temple
Omikuji at chionji temple

And the omikuji there is so cute for its shape.
Just a paper for omikuji is popular but the omikuji at Chionji temple shape japanese sensu.
How your fortune is written on it.

Note: It takes around 2 hours to Amano-hashidate from Itami airport, Osaka by car using expressway. please drive safety !
You can also go there by local train.

Shiizaki-inari shrine near Amano-hashidate

There are other temples in Miyazu city. I introduce one of that, called Shiizaki-inari shrine.
It takes 15 minutes by car from Amano-hashidate.

The specific of the shrine is many torii standed in a row.
And there are many stairs to the top, just go up stairs slowly feeling nature.


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