Mt.Myogi features various size and shape of rocks.

Mt.Myogi is known for the Japan’s three major malformations because of the odd rocks . We often imagine about a mountain that a forest covers it and it doesn’t unveil the rocks. But Mt.Myogi shows the odd rocks ! And you can climb it. The strange rocks in Mt.Myogi attracts many mountaineers.



You can enjoy the hot spring and sweet foods in Ikaho onsen.

Ikaho onsen is the one of the most famous hot spring in Gunma . You can access there easier from tokyo.

The 365 stone steps is the symbol of Ikaho onsen and in the way many shops sell sweet foods and you can play old games.


We describes 12 years using 12 animals in Japan. Each year describes one animals, for example 2018 is dogs and 2019 is boars. The custom came from ancient china.

In the 365 stone steps has those eto panels in the road. Can you find all 12 panels ?



The nice contrast with autumn leaves and Mt.Tanikawadake covered with snow.

You can see the view from Minakami town. Mt.Tanikawadake stands between Gunma pref and Niigata pref. Mt.Tanikawadake is called “backborn of Japan”. Mt.Tanikawadake blocks an air stream cause snow flowing to Kanto area so Niigata pref side has heavy snow from the end of autumn season.

You can see the collaboration with autumn leaves and a snowy mountain !



Tsumagoi kogen is fulled with autumn leaves.

I think Gunma pref become so beautiful in the autumn season as the photo show because Gunma pref has many mountains. Tsumagoi kogen expands around Tsumagoi town.

Tsumagoi town leads the project that a husband treasures a wife. The kanji of Tsumagoi is used as pivot words. “Tsumagoi” is usually described “嬬恋” in the kanji, but “Tsuma” is also described to “妻” which has same pronunciation with “嬬”, and “妻” means wife. “恋” means love. Finally those means a husband treasures a wife, time spending with a wife.

Tsumagoi town has some activity, restaurant and winery. Though neither a hunband or a wife, have a nice time with your significant in there !



When I took these photos..

The photo of Mt.Myogi in the end of October 2017

The photo of Ikaho onsen in the middle of February 2017

The photo of Mt.Tanikawadake in the end of Novenber 2018

The photo of Tsumagoi kogen in the end of October 2017


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